Introducing Video Portraits


April 26, 2021

I LOVE photography! I love the feeling of capturing a moment and saving it for the future. To have images from the most important times in your life, of the most important people, is preserving the history of you and your family! The impact a single image or snapshot in time can have is immeasurable, but while the visual of that moment is preserved forever, the FEELINGS associated with that moment may fade over time.

I truly believe that integrating video into the art of photography is the future. We are all capturing photos and videos of our lives on our phone and the ability to add ART into these mediums is something that gets me soooo excited! Like, the kind that makes me cry happy emotional tears!

I remember the first time I captured a few little video clips during a session. Later I watched them, slowed them down, and cried like a baby. During a photo session, those emotions are real and transparent and after capturing them and watching them back, I knew that these videos would make my clients feel everything that I felt and more. 

I’ve spent some time playing with this idea, capturing small video clips along the way and doing some videography for fellow photographers. Now I am so excited to bring this to my business and use it as one more tool to preserve the memories and experiences of my clients. 

I want you to not only have those finished portraits to preserve and pass down in albums or to hang on your walls, but an emotional video story of those sweet moments between you and your children, or a sensual kiss between you and your love. I think my branding clients will be excited to share more of their personalities with their clients and integrate some movement into their online branding. Websites everywhere are integrating personable video clips. And I don’t mean boring instructional videos; I mean dynamic, beautiful, dreamy clips that really show your customers what you are all about.

Imagine announcing your pregnancy with some beautiful video clips of your little one kissing your growing belly, or capturing those little whispers from grandma to her newest grand baby. The moments in between photos are just as important and impactful as the moments frozen in time. They show how you felt, the gentleness of your touch, the passion of a kiss, or the embrace of a loved one. Years from now, they will transport you back in time. You will remember the feeling of your little one’s hand in yours, the little hands that have now become those of a man you can barely reach for a kiss on the head. I want to gift you those moments back and I think photo/video fusion is the perfect solution!

Look for more information about how to book a session like this, but for now here’s a sneak peek. And yes… I cried. 

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