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2020… yes, it sucked. For almost everyone.  To be honest, my year could have been so much worse. My family and I stayed healthy, we were able to work from home or on other projects, and the time gifted to our newly blended family was not just good. It was fantastic. We started 2020 in […]

A Hard Season…

April 26, 2021


rainbow and baby

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I LOVE photography! I love the feeling of capturing a moment and saving it for the future. To have images from the most important times in your life, of the most important people, is preserving the history of you and your family! The impact a single image or snapshot in time can have is immeasurable, […]

Introducing Video Portraits

April 26, 2021


outdoor Colorado family portrait

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A couple of months ago I read this outstanding book by the kick-ass Shonda Rhimes called “The Year of Yes”, in which she talks about reaching a turning point in her life and decides that for one year she will say YES to everything that scares her.  During a routine bout with insomnia, I realized […]

My Year of Yes!

March 22, 2021

My Why

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